Project Description

De basis van elke goede garderobe is – volgens vele modeliefhebbers – een witte blouse. Maar vind dat perfecte exemplaar maar eens. Deze van Lemaire is een opvallende versie, dankzij de bijzondere kraag, mouwen en vormen. Deze Love Note is een ode aan de net-even-anders basic. Na een eerste reeks Love Notes (#1 t/m #8, gepubliceerd tussen februari en augustus 2017) gericht aan de klassiekers in onze garderobes, maakten fotograaf Laila Cohen en ik in het najaar van 2017 een nieuwe reeks van deze visuele en tekstuele odes. Voor deze tweede serie werkten we samen met Moise: onze favorieten uit de winter 2017/2018-collectie van deze Amsterdamse modewinkel staan centraal.

My dear blouse,

Some say that a crispy white blouse is the core of a woman’s wardrobe. I never agreed. I always found them too plain, too neutral, too boring. And then I met you. Finally I understood those people.

If it were up to me, I would wear you everyday. You are the opposite of boring. All your details are close to perfection; even your buttons are chosen with love. Your beautifully shaped collar and sleeves move with the wind, they seem to be breathing. You are not the core of my wardrobe; you are the beating heart.

Whenever I feel that people start noticing that I wear you everyday, I just turn you around and wear your outstanding collar on my back. Like magic, you are a whole new blouse. Aren’t you cute as a button?

All the main items in this series of Love Notes come from the lovingly compiled collection of Moise, a beautiful fashion boutique in Amsterdam. Monique de Randamie, owner of Moise, about this Lemaire blouse:

White blouses are my favorite; they really suit everybody. I always sell different versions at Moise and have a closet full of crispy white blouses myself. This one is special because of the beautiful collar and voluminous sleeves.’

We love our fashion. Noted. 

Welcome to the second series of Love Notes. These visual and textual odes put our favourite looks for fall-winter 2017/18 in the spotlight. The sweater we want to live in, the bag we want to marry and that perfect crispy-white blouse for example. These Love Notes are made with love by fashion writer Lisa Goudsmit and photographer Laila Cohen, in collaboration with stylist Suuz Bisschops, make-up artist Yo-kaw Pat, hair stylist Blanca Eppinga and models Ayesha and PanjuaThis series of Love Notes is also a co-operation with fashion boutique Moise in Amsterdam. Read our interview with founder Monique de Randamie here.

Appreciating the items that surround us were status quo decades ago – as was saving for that one piece you really, really wanted to get for your wardrobe. Nowadays, many consumers seem to have lost the contact with the clothing on their backs. And with the bags on their back, for that matter. We want to rejuvenate that sentiment for our wardrobes, especially for the items we invest in. As Monique de Randamie puts it: ‘My contribution to a more sustainable fashion industry is offering investment pieces that people can wear for years. Instead of buying four fast fashion trousers, my customers buy one pair of trousers at Moise.’ Amen.

Enjoy these Love Notes and go ahead, write your wardrobe one as well.